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Driven by the rising ageing population and prevalence of chronic diseases, the MedTech industry remains an important growth sector for Singapore. The rapidly advancing technologies within the MedTech industry continues to open boundless opportunities for innovations that will transform the future of healthcare.

The MedTech Pillar in ARTC is committed to bridging technological gaps between research and industrial application to support the industry in accelerating time to market and addressing national priorities. Leveraging expertise in smart manufacturing technologies, the pillar catalyses co-innovation and co-deployment with its members to revolutionise the healthcare industry and strengthen Singapore’s position as a hub for MedTech manufacturing.

Focus Areas

MedTech Pillar Focus 1

Harnessing Industry 4.0 technologies such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, manufacturing operations in smart factories will reduce manual labour and improve manufacturing performance.

Additionally, these technologies will streamline processes to enhance quality control and enable customisation to individual needs. This empowers companies to drive sustainable processes, and bolster supply chain resilience.

MedTech Pillar Focus 2

Point-of-care diagnostics play a powerful role in patient care – pushing for swift clinical decision-making in diagnosis processes, treatment choices and prognoses. Envisioning a future with high-quality patient care and reduced costs, the MedTech pillar collaborates with innovative companies to ideate and deploy technologies in remote monitoring for chronic care and infectious disease testing.

MedTech Pillar Focus 3

MedTech is dedicated to not only imagining, but also creating a future wherein handling lab processes are automated, lab results are traced start to end throughout all diagnostic processes, all within a connected lab environment.

Housed in ARTC, the Modular Autonomous Lab exemplifies how lab processes can be streamlined by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to create a seamlessly connected lab. Businesses with brownfield lab operations can now work with ARTC to kickstart their journey in creating an autonomous lab with efficiency, precision, and minimal touchpoints.

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Tackling the Ageing Population and Combating Pandemics

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Apart from developing innovative solutions for industrial needs, the MedTech Pillar is dedicated to addressing national priorities such as ageing-related healthcare and disease challenges. The pillar will broaden research foundations to address the ageing population and age-related diseases using homecare robotic and monitoring systems. Additionally, the pillar will explore leveraging mobility assistance, fall prevention, rehabilitation care, and wearable diagnostics to create a future in which the pioneer generation can age confidently and gracefully in Singapore.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers at ARTC have played a significant role in supporting Singapore’s initiatives to combat the pandemic. The collaboration with local enterprises to innovate and translate solution has safeguarded the health and well-being of our community, while supporting our laboratory staff and healthcare workers in their duties.