Smart Virtual Systems

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Technology Overview

As a leader in delivering cutting-edge smart manufacturing solutions, our Smart Virtual Systems team specialises in developing innovative platform and infrastructure capabilities that enable immersive and connected services for the manufacturing industry. With a focus on key technologies such as multi-resource enterprise planning, edge computing, immersive human-computer interaction and digital infrastructure and systems, we are dedicated to revolutionising the way manufacturing is done. 


Technology Capabilities


Edge Computing

  • Intelligent Edge Computing-as-a-Service
  • Wireless Network Benchmarking for IIoT
    • E2E Latency, Wireless Link Reliability, and Energy Efficiency

Industrial Applications:

  • Edge caching as a service for Manufacturing Content Access
  • Wireless evaluation Technologies for Industrial IoT
  • 5G enabled IIoT connectivity


Immersive Human-Computer Interaction

  • Mapping of digital data to immersive environment
  • Translation of human interactions to digital model or physical environment

Industrial Applications:

  • AR-guided contents for on-the-job training or guidance
  • VR models for remote training or collaborative decision-making


Digital Infrastructure and System

  • System architecture for IT/OT network and Platform Engineering
  • Software System Architecture, Containerisation and container management systems
  • Component-based Dynamic Data Visualisation

Industrial Applications:

  • Auto-Provisioning of Microservices Platforms
  • Real-Time Dashboard for Manufacturing Control TowerTM

Multi-Resource Enterprise Planning

  • Discrete-event Modeling and Control
  • Operations Simulation and Optimisation

Industrial Applications:

  • Real-time Planning and Scheduling System
  • Manpower Scheduling System
  • Inventory Analytics and Planning System