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In the highly competitive and dynamic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, FMCG companies heavily rely on cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to maintain a competitive edge. In Singapore, innovation in manufacturing technology & supply chain operations has become increasingly crucial for FMCG companies to optimise resource utilisation while remaining cost-effective. The market today emphasises convenience, accessibility, and sustainability, which drives these manufacturers to continuously adapt and innovate to stay ahead.

The FMCG & e-Commerce pillar at ARTC collaborates with industry partners to enhance production efficiency, streamline supply chain operations, and achieve sustainability goals. In addition, the pillar can help modernise and automate warehouse operations for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) with AI-based 3D space optimisation. Leveraging advanced technology capabilities such as robotics automation, AI-driven systems, digital supply chain, and sustainable operation management, the pillar revolutionises FMCG manufacturing operations by providing solutions to build resilient value chains and supply chains through the productisation of digital supply chain platforms.

Focus Areas

FMCG Focus 1

In a consumer-driven environment, the power of AI is harnessed to optimise manufacturing processes and streamline supply chain operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and responsiveness to market demands while bolstering supply chain resilience. From network design to real-time optimisation, the approach integrates advanced technologies to fortify capabilities in adapting to unforeseen disruptions and maintaining continuous operations.

With Resilience+, the pillar focuses on integrating advanced technologies to fortify companies’ capabilities in adapting to unforeseen disruptions and maintaining continuous operations. The 3-step assessment framework supports companies in better understanding their supply chain vulnerabilities and developing capabilities to anticipate and overcome disruptions.

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FMCG Focus 2

The pillar is committed to supporting Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 to reduce the carbon footprint by integrating thorough assessments and sustainable practices into the realm of FMCG manufacturing. Advanced technologies such as smart packaging solutions and energy-efficient manufacturing processes will play pivotal roles in this transformation. These innovations will not only enable FMCG companies to meet stringent sustainability goals but also enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs in the long term. 

FMCG Focus 3

Automation solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each industry partner, enhancing productivity and agility in FMCG manufacturing. By customising automation technologies to align with specific requirements, companies can swiftly adapt to shifting market dynamics and efficiently scale operations as needed. This flexibility ensures that FMCG manufacturers remain nimble and responsive in meeting evolving consumer demands while optimising production processes. 

FMCG Focus 4

The cutting-edge inspection technologies enable FMCG companies to boost predictive quality control and eradicate waste by proactively detecting defects. By automating processes, these technologies can reduce rejection rates and the need for rework, ensuring consistent product quality. This shift from manual labor to automation also frees up workers to focus on higher-value tasks. 

FMCG Focus 5

Innovation is a continuous process! The pillar consistently identifies and harnesses emerging technologies, such as surface modification and texturing, to unlock new opportunities for our industry partners. These technologies will help the FMCG sector to continuously evolve, presenting boundless opportunities for industry partners to gain a competitive advantage in the market and meet evolving consumer expectations.