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Research has shown a direct correlation between energy expansion and global prosperity. As a small island city-state with limited natural resources, It is important for Singapore to strategically diversify its energy sources to ensure reliability and sustainability. Clean energy plays a vital role in promoting sustainability by mitigating climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main drivers of global warming and climate disruption. It is crucial to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and the establishment of sustainable business models for the sustenance of clean energy.  

The energy pillar in ARTC is committed to cultivate a thriving energy industry ecosystem and advancing the clean energy sector in Singapore. This involves collaborative innovation and deployment of solutions to generate impactful outcomes for both the energy industry and the nation. On a broader scale, the pillar aims to establish an innovation nexus with members of the consortium by co-developing demonstrations on sustainability to test bed technology and decarbonization solutions. This endeavor is poised to propel local industries towards sustainable manufacturing practices and facilitate the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Focus Areas

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Dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow for the manufacturing field, the pillar focuses on developing smart energy management platforms using cutting-edge analytics technology. Some of these tools include life cycle assessments (LCA), life cycle costings (LCC), REMAP – energy efficiency monitoring and analytics system(E2MAS) & water efficiency monitoring and analytics system(WE2MAS) to CE2M. Alongside Green Compass, a sustainability assessment tool, these platforms will empower industry partners to advance towards a net zero manufacturing future. The solutions will enable industry partners to identify areas with excessive energy usage and analyse them to implement practical steps for enhancing energy efficiency.

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Shifting our energy economy from fossil fuel reliance to renewable and alternative energy sources demands innovative approaches to energy storage, with hydrogen and ammonia showing significant promise. Through advanced manufacturing technologies, our pillar will explore novel applications of nitrogen and ammonia as renewable energy solutions for new materials, design, and prototyping in the advanced manufacturing field. This will help ARTC drive forward new sustainable energy initiatives and foster transformative advancements for a greener future.