Member Testimonies


"We recognise the critical importance of advanced manufacturing for our ongoing competitiveness and for the development of our future products. Our collaborative work with the ARTC is therefore completely aligned with our advanced manufacturing strategy. Core elements of this strategy relating to the development and deployment of cyber-physical systems and the broader digital manufacturing technologies are already a significant area of focus in the work we are doing at the centre.

My team and I consider ARTC as a crucial strategic partner. Its growing critical mass of subject matter experts and rapidly improving research capability when combined with the long term strategic commitment of its sponsors and stakeholders in A*STAR, EDB and partner universities make it a very important destination for the development of our future of manufacturing capability and workforce training in the fast-evolving digital environment."

- Dr Hamid Mughal, Director of Global Manufacturing, Rolls-Royce


"We have been in partnership with ARTC since 2017, when we joined the consortium as an Anchor Member. The setup of a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) consortium provides a platform for collaboration with industry peers, which allows us to address similar problem statements in a pre-competitive environment. In addition, access to the ARTC Model Factory enables us to rapidly testbed new technologies and solutions.

With the consortium and its ecosystem, we are able to quickly identify and work with the right technology vendors without having to screen and negotiate agreements with individual companies. This setup allows us to have flexibility in working with a range of providers, bringing in expertise as needed. We are able to pilot projects such as data analytics for process optimisation and validation of cobots in the workshop floors.

The core projects and member-specific projects are aligned with Nestlé's objectives and strategy for digital transformation. Working with ARTC allows Nestlé to tap on Singapore's progressive R&D ecosystem on a neutral platform. We can carry out small-scale manufacturing experiments and test new concepts very quickly. Through this partnership, we hope to pilot digital technologies in areas such as smart connected devices, cobots and advanced analytics."

- Dr Sze Tan, Managing Director, Nestlé R&D Center Singapore


"voestalpine High Performance Metals has been a member of ARTC for more than five years now and we have benefited a lot from the knowledge and input of the great team of experts at ARTC. The services ARTC can offer through their ecosystem and state-of-the-art equipment broaden our possibilities to explore new technologies and innovative solutions. For voestalpine High Performance Metals, the collaboration with ARTC is the consequent next step of pushing our efforts in additive manufacturing and digitalisation to be one step ahead of our competition."

- Mr Georg Reithofer, Head of Divisional Coordination, Research and Development, voestalpine High Performance Metals


"DMG MORI started its membership with ARTC since 2013. We will continue to work with ARTC and we can gather information on additive manufacturing (AM) and its trends through projects. We are not only machine tool manufacturers, but also providers of the solutions on manufacturing. ARTC also shows the cutting edge technology and solutions on additive manufacturing. We believe that our partnership with ARTC will help us achieve our processes.

ARTC has developed AM process technologies on both selective laser melting (SLM) and directed energy deposition (DED) with members so far. We can look into these process technologies by projects, understanding customers' problems and concerns, and provide AM solutions to customers from the equipment and process point of view."

- Dr Masahiko Mori, President, DMG MORI

Procter & Gamble

"P&G has been a Tier 1 member of ARTC since January 2018, and an Anchor member as of June 2019. During our membership here, we have made tremendous progress on both core and dedicated projects. We have successfully leveraged the Singapore ecosystem, enabling faster and more collaborative innovation. The Industry 4.0 Workshop across Asia was well-received and opened more opportunities to solve business problems, particularly in advanced robotics and smart manufacturing.

The partnership accelerates open innovation for P&G, enabling us to apply advanced manufacturing's best practices across industries into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). This is more efficient and cost-effective than doing in-house innovation. With the quickened pace of innovation, growing demands of consumers, and the competitive landscape in Asia, the innovation ecosystem and the public-private consortium are critical in accelerating the development and adoption of disruptive technologies in manufacturing.

The partnership with ARTC allows us to serve our customers and consumers faster and more efficiently. It concretes our vision to become a "Manufacturer of the Future", strengthening our foothold as a leader in our industry and accelerating the Industry 4.0 transformation of the FMCG sector as part of Singapore's Smart Nation blueprint."

- Mr Long Quan, Associate Director, Product Supply Engineering, P&G Singapore


"Arcstone joined ARTC in November 2016 as a Tier 2 member, and we upgraded to Tier 1 in December 2019. The value and benefits we get from our investment in time and resources into the ARTC are always returned in excess through all our years. From the research that we do together, to the connections and partnerships that were made and the joint solutions integrated with other members, the ARTC has given Arcstone a significant boost in our growth, scale and reach.

The technical capabilities of the ARTC allowed us to innovate and move faster than industry peers and helps us to deliver more value to our customers with our solutions. In the years to come we will continue to funnel more of our research and integration work with ARTC in member-specific projects that will allow co-development of Industry 4.0 solutions that can integrate and achieve Arcstone's goal of complete manufacturing transparency across the supply chain to realize a true global real-time data driven manufacturing ecosystem"

- Mr Willson Deng, CEO, Arcstone Pte Ltd