A*STAR Adv Mfg Startup Challenge

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A*STAR Advanced Manufacturing Startup Challenge begins with the need to solve industrial problem statement proposed from our members to tackle challenging issues in the advanced manufacturing industries. It aims to explore disruptive technologies in advanced manufacturing while helping startups to develop their capabilities.

Our Vision
A*STAR to be recognised as the best ASEAN Startup Launchpad for Advanced Manufacturing

Our Mission
Attract, Incubate and Scale Startups in the Advanced Manufacturing Sector

Design Thinking - A Startup Challenge

Innovation challenges have gained popularity in bringing enterprises and startups to work on a problem together. However, not all innovation challenges were successful in delivering solutions to market. Often, the projects hit a roadblock where there is a lack of post-challenge support on product development.

The challenge was designed to introduce cutting edge research & technology in A*STAR to the startups to facilitate the development of solutions from lab-to-market post-challenge.

Join us in a conversation with our panelist on their experience with innovation challenge and how to maximise the opportunity for business growth.



  • Benefit from innovative solutions from startups
  • Keep abreast of emerging technologies and talents in the market
  • Provide industrial problem statements
  • Provide disruptive and innovative ideas to traditional industrial problems
  • Deliver projects to Members with support from ARTC
  • Have industry leaders as reference customers
  • Support members and startups with technical expertise, testbeds, machines and data
  • Provide startups with market access to many global advanced manufacturing companies
  • Spearhead the development of Advanced Manufacturing startups