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Meeting the challenges of today, Pioneering the innovations of tomorrow

As a leading public-private-partnership consortium, the Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre collaborates with industry members across 5 industry pillars to meet manufacturing industry’s challenges of today and pave the way for the innovations of tomorrow. With the establishment of the pillars across 5 key industries, ARTC catalyses collaborative innovation in each pillar, translating applied research into industrial applications and solutions.

Events, workshops and seminars are hosted to facilitate meaningful engagements and forge impactful connections among members within and across pillars.

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Aerospace Pillar

The aerospace pillar champions collaborative innovation with aerospace partners to elevate Singapore's global aviation leadership. Employing advanced manufacturing techniques, it addresses industry challenges, delivering impactful solutions for optimised manufacturing and MRO activities. This supports the boost in efficiency, reduction of downtime, and cuts operational costs.

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FMCG & E-Commerce Pillar 

In the competitive regional FMCG & e-Commerce sector, companies rely on advanced technologies to optimise resources and stay cost-effective. The FMCG & e-Commerce pillar at ARTC collaborates with industry partners to enhance production efficiency, streamline supply chain operations, and achieve sustainability goals. Leveraging advanced technology capabilities such as robotics automation, AI-driven systems, digital supply chain, and sustainable operation management, the pillar aims to revolutionise FMCG manufacturing and warehouse operations, as well as enhance supply chain resilience.

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Energy Pillar 

The Energy Pillar spearheads the development of technologies and solutions to support sustainable manufacturing for energy companies. Through the implementation of advanced decarbonisation solutions, the pillar aims to build a resilient energy ecosystem to combat climate change.

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Land Transport Pillar 

The Land Transport Pillar drives innovation in manufacturing to enhance the reliability, safety, and sustainability of Singapore’s transport infrastructure and foster the development and deployment of EV manufacturing in Singapore. Collaborating closely with both public and private partners, the pillar is steadfast in its commitment to bolstering Singapore's reputation as a world-class engineering and innovation hub for land transport technological advancements.

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MedTech Pillar 

Leveraging expertise in smart manufacturing technologies, the MedTech Pillar aims to revolutionise the healthcare industry and shape the future of healthcare in Singapore. Through co-innovation and co-deployment with its members, the pillar will bridge technological gaps to help Singapore address challenges related to an ageing population and future pandemics.

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