Remanufacturing Process Technology

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Technology Overview

The Remanufacturing Process Technology Group aims to develop advanced deposition and joining technologies to enhance business profitability and sustainability for our industry and R&D partners.  The group also has capabilities in total remanufacturing and provides state-of-the-art development in laser cleaning, blasting, and cutting, as well as digitalised solutions in adaptive tool-path generation for machining, multi-modal in-process monitoring, and development of knowledge-based libraries. 


Technology Capabilities

Directed energy processing

Directed Energy Processing

  • Perform Component Assessment for Optimised DED Process Selection
  • Laser-Ded Of Multi-Materials, Novel Alloys, And Metal-Matrix Composites
  • Laser-Ded with Wire and Powder
  • Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing
  • Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding and Deposition 
  • Tig and Mig Welding (Plasma Arc Welding)
  • High-Pressure Cold Spray Process
  • Furnace Brazing

Industrial Applications:

  • Cladding For Hard-Facing, Wear and Corrosion Resistance Enhancement
  • Multi-Material Part Fabrication and Advanced Welding
  • Repair and Remanufacturing Process
  • Cold Spray Repair of TI,Al, Cu, Ni and SS Alloys
  • Joining and Bulk Forming of Metal-Polymer Components
Laser Hyrbid

Laser Hybrid and Process Digitalisation

  • Laser Cleaning/Blasting for Surface Preparation
  • Hybrid DED and Machining Process and CAM Toolpath Development
  • Multi-Modal Process Monitoring and Sensor-Based Adaptation of Hybrid Manufacturing:
    • Thermal, Optical, Acoustic Sensors and Robot Position Monitoring
    • Melt-pool, Surface Profile and Temperature Measurements

Industrial Applications

  • Cost Effective and Sustainable Alternative to Abrasive Blasting and Cleaning Process
  • Sealant and Coating Removal
  • Expedite Commercialisation of DED Processes

Adaptive Machining

Adaptive Machining

  • Rapid Collection of Data for Adaptive Processes
  • Automatic Toolpath Generation for Distorted Components
  • Adaptive Robotic and Automation Systems for MRO Applications
  • Automation of Repair Processes via M2M Communications

Industrial applications

  • Adaptive Pre- and Post-Processing for MRO Applications
  • Adaptive Mechanical Material Removal