The theme for this year is IIOT for Advanced Manufacturing and we received 50% more than the previous year. This year’s event was organised by ARTC in partnership with IMDA, A*Start Central and I2R. 

Winners of 2021

Problem Statement 1: Remote Maintenance
Winner: TransferFI

Creating the world’s first long-range, safe and efficient Wireless Power Network (WPN).
VISION: Provide on-demand access to wireless power, like how the mobile phone provided seamless access to data from anywhere.
MISSION: Build the first dedicated wireless power network not only on the earth, but also in space.

Myrlabs_Logo stacked

Problem Statement 2: Asset Tracking & Maintenance
Winner: MyrLabs

We create cutting-edge enterprise-grade robotics and IoT technologies for use in industry.

Problem Statement 3: Remote Monitoring and Control
Winner: Zuno Carbon


Zuno Carbon harnesses the power of neural networks to make sense of the data around us and creates high fidelity models to analyze and predict the behavior of industrial equipment to save operational costs and reduce environmental impact.