Smart Remanufacturing Systems

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Technology Overview

Smart Remanufacturing Systems focus on developing key technologies to enable the remanufacturing of complex products. The group offers deep expertise in product condition monitoring, end-of-life product diagnosis, and adaptive product disassembly, capable of delivering customised solutions that will demonstrate the technical viability of an integrated remanufacturing value chain for our members.


Technology Capabilities

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

  • Sensor Selection, Performance Characterisation and Optimisation for Real-Time Monitoring
  • Optimisation of Data Acquisition and Processing of Sensor Signal for different scenarios: high performance, cost-effective
  • Development of End-to-End customised Sensing Solution

Industrial Applications:

  • In-service Product Health and Condition Monitoring
  • EOL Product Diagnosis
  • Process Monitoring

Automated Product Disassembly

Automated Product Disassembly

  • Disassembly Planning, Sequencing and Optimisation of Complex Products
  • Intelligent Automated Guidance for Adaptable Product Disassembly by Leveraging Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Automation

Industrial Applications:

  • Disassembly of EV battery packs, automotive systems, electric machines, etc.

Preditive Maintenance and Prognostics

Predictive Maintenance and Prognostics

Hybrid Solutioning combining knowledge-based and data-driven based machine learning for:

  • Real-time Anomalies Detection
  • Fault Isolation and Classification
  • Early Detection of Degradation 
  • Prediction of Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
Industrial Applications:
  • Useful life prediction of tooling, rotating equipment, electric motors, batteries, etc

Surface Enhancement

Application of compressive surface residual stresses for improvements in mechanical properties  

  • Shot Peening
  • Hammer Peening
  • Deep Cold Rolling
  • Laser Shock Peening

Industrial Applications:

  • Enhancement of fatigue strength
  • Improvement of surface finish