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The aerospace pillar is dedicated to being the premier translational R&D partner for aerospace companies. By fostering collaboration in the robust, high-value aerospace sector, the pillar aims to enhance local enterprises’ technological capabilities and strengthen Singapore’s status as a global aviation leader.

The strategy includes employing state-of-the-art manufacturing and remanufacturing processes to tackle the industry’s unique challenges, such as the demand for higher performance, cost-efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. This includes pioneering new methodologies and integrating advanced technologies like additive manufacturing, automated inspection, precision machining, and digital twin simulations to deliver innovative solutions that optimise manufacturing and maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) activities, thereby reducing downtime and operational costs for industry partners. 

Focus Areas

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Aligned with the Singapore’s industrial transformation map, the pillar focuses on developing remanufacturing capabilities to catalyse innovation in engine MRO. Leveraging on expertise in refurbishing and rejuvenating engine components, the pillar aims to extend the lifecycle of critical aviation assets to promote environmental sustainability and reduce operational cost. These initiatives demonstrate a dedication to advancing Singapore's aerospace sector through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

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Leveraging smart automation and inspection capabilities, the pillar drives practical improvements in quality, cost, and delivery within the aerospace industry. The implementation of precise automation and advanced inspection technologies will allow manufacturers to enhance product quality, minimise defects, and meet strict specifications. This includes automating repetitive tasks, streamlining workflows, and reducing production costs while optimising resource utilisation. With faster production cycles and increased throughput, manufacturers can reliably meet delivery deadlines, enhancing customer satisfaction and competitive positioning in the market.

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At the forefront of advancing aviation innovation, the pillar champions sustainable solutions to drive the aerospace industry towards circularity—an approach focused on minimizing waste and optimizing resource use throughout the product lifecycle. By embracing sustainable practices, the aerospace sector can shift towards a circular aviation model, wherein materials and components are repurposed, revitalised, or recycled, thus diminishing dependence on new resources and decreasing waste output.

Collaborating closely with industry partners, the aerospace pillar harnesses cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to integrate green solutions into every stage, from initial design to end-of-life management of aerospace components. These solutions encompass advanced remanufacturing techniques, energy monitoring systems, and waste stream profiling, effectively reducing environmental impact while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.