Executive Director’s Message


Biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies, growth factors and vaccines, are increasingly used for the treatment and prevention of human ailments. Biologics manufacturing is also one of the key industry sectors in the Singapore economy.

Over the years, scientists and staff at the Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI) have developed critical capabilities in biologics R&D and played a pivotal role in anchoring the biopharmaceutical industry in Singapore.

The establishment of major biologic manufacturing facilities by key multinational pharmaceutical companies in the Tuas Biomedical Park is a testimonial to the unique role and contribution of BTI.

In the near future, there will be increased demand for new innovative protein drugs that target new diseases and are safer for the patients. New biologic modalities such as stem cells will also become important to the biopharmaceutical industry for drug screening, toxicity studies or may themselves present new treatment options in the form of cellular therapies.

At BTI, we will continue to groom the next generation of biomedical science researchers and spearhead cutting-edge research in bioprocess sciences and engineering. We aim to develop innovations that will directly impact biomedical science R&D and the manufacturing of biologics and stem cells.

Ultimately, we hope to see the fruits of our labour directly benefiting the bioindustry and contributing to the economy or translated into products for the betterment of human health in the clinics.

The future is indeed bright for young scientists to participate in the derivation, manufacturing and application of new biologics. We welcome those with the aspirations to join us at BTI!

Professor Lam Kong Peng
Executive Director
Bioprocessing Technology Institute