CRISP Meats: CentRe of Innovation for Sustainable banking and Production of cultivated Meats

CRISP Schematic 2024

Around the world, urban cities are exploring ways to develop sustainable food solutions to boost their food resilience. Cultivated meat has been identified as a potential novel food production modality to enable urban cities to produce food at scale and grow their food systems. CRISP Meats is an integrated platform poised to tackle some of the major challenges that the industry encounters in cultivated meat production. Hosted by BTI, in collaboration with other research entities and institutes-of-higher-learning, the programme has five workstreams to tackle the market needs in cell banking, culture media development, engineering & scaffold development. As a key player contributing to the development of cultivated meat products, CRISP Meats aims to help companies grow their businesses through R&D and create future food solutions for Singapore and beyond.

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