Bioprocess Data Integration

The Bioprocess Data Integration Group's research is focused on the development of integrative and systemic approaches to characterize and engineer mammalian and microbial systems for enhanced bioprocessing. The group has developed various software platforms, including programs for analysis of genomic and transcriptomic Next Generation Sequencing experiments, LC-MS data pre-processing, as well as glycan profile visualization.

The Group also has rich experience in developing predictive computational models of biological processes from global cellular information such as omics-data to find proteins, genes and metabolites which are highly correlated with various physiological states such as cell growth, apoptosis and antibody production. This integrated framework allows the group to pursue rational approach for identifying engineering targets in cell line engineering and optimization of media/feed components to improve cell density, growth, product yields and/or reduce secretion of undesirable by-products.

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Zach Pang

Dr Zach Pang
Senior Scientist I

PhD in Bioengineering (2020), Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Research Focus / Interest

  • Mechanistic modelling of bioprocesses
  • Biological applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Biological data analytics

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