SiC Power Device & Fabrication

As the SiC power MOSFET industry transitions to higher current ratings (larger chip areas and lower on-state resistance values), SiC crystal defect densities and device yields become increasingly critical. IME is pioneering a unique approach centered on a deep learning platform. Using data on the evolution of SiC crystal defects throughout the MOSFET fabrication process and drawing correlations between SiC crystal defects and SiC MOSFET performance, our industry leading Deep Learning platform aims to continuously refine an integrated MOSFET process flow for higher device yields and optimized Design of Experiments (DOE). In parallel, fundamental research in SiC MOSFET fabrication processes (like enhancing channel mobility) is also a core focus of our program.

SiC Power Module Packaging

Advanced packaging for power electronics is one of the key strengths of IME. Our research focuses on improving high-temperature operating capabilities (aiming for 200°C maximum junction temperature) for power modules and lower parasitic inductance. IME is pioneering unique power module interconnection technologies and proprietary cooling approaches using double-sided liquid cooling. We are also exploring research collaborations with industry partners to develop next-generation power module packaging materials. Our SiC power modules are currently targeted at automotive applications, the key sector driving the SiC power electronics industry today.