Frequently Asked Questions

For Host organization

Singapore Biodesign will be absorbing the training-associated costs. There will be no additional stipend provided to the candidates, as they continue to remain under the hire of the host institution.

Training in Biodesign methodology is expected to provide candidates with a thorough appreciation of the framework and its application towards innovation in Health Technologies. Graduated faculty fellows are generally expected to adopt this framework towards the training of their juniors and students and contribute towards ecosystem building for MedTech.

Besides mentoring and access to industry networks, Singapore Biodesign will provide opportunities to connect with the international Biodesign network. Situation permitting, this involves study visits to China and to Stanford.

About 10 hours will be committed weekly towards working on the project, meetings and workshops.

For Candidates

The aim of the Biodesign Faculty Fellowship programme is to:

  • INFLUENCE - Apply Biodesign towards individual research innovation work; increase translation potential and industry relevance
  • IMPART - Develop and lead training initiatives to guide aspiring innovators
  • INSTRUCT – Establish educational resources for innovation processes in Health and MedTech
  • INVOLVE – Work with and contribute towards a vibrant international community for Health and MedTech innovation

    The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship is a 6-month programme that will provide motivated University Faculty members, senior clinician innovators, and research directors with mentoring in Health Technology Innovation. Participants will be coached through a project using the Biodesign methodology to identify unmet clinical needs, invent practical solutions, and prepare to implement those inventions in real-world settings.

    Participants will also be given access to market insights and learn about regional healthcare systems. Through this experience, Faculty Fellows gain a deeper understanding of technology translation challenges and opportunities, and also develop a robust network of Health Technology relationships within and outside Singapore.

    Training will be carried out by the SB Core Team which includes the Faculty Fellowship Head, Curriculum Head and consultation sessions by industry experts.

    The Innovation Fellowship programme is a full-time program providing high-touch coaching in the Biodesign process to implementation and it is targeted for aspiring innovators to apply Biodesign methodology towards developing healthcare innovations.

    For the Faculty Fellowship Programme, it is an intensive six-month leadership course aimed at familiarizing programme leaders with the Biodesign process. The programme is targeted for University Faculty members, Senior Clinician Innovators and Research and Development Directors looking to adopt the Biodesign approach for their units.

    Up to 4 faculty Fellows will be selected each Fiscal Year (1 Apr to 31 Mar) to form one faculty fellowship team. We advise interested applicants to speak with our team, mentors and alumni to better understand the culture and training process via email.

    Interested applicants can apply directly through our website's application page and your application will be passed on to the respective host organizations to review them. The Singapore Biodesign team will then select the final 4 faculty fellows that fit our criteria. For applicants whose host institution is not one of our partnering institutions, please do link our team up to your leadership team to explore this.

    Singapore Biodesign is hosted by A*STAR Singapore and is not a qualification-awarding institution. We will only certify your participation in the faculty fellowship, endorsed by A*STAR and joint programme partner Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign upon completion of the prescribed programme.

    There is no specific age limit imposed on the applicants.

    No. There are no specific Terms and conditions or bond commitments required for the faculty fellows.

    No, but faculty fellows should demonstrate willingness to mentor and / or teach in their host institutions.

    Faculty Fellows are encouraged to bring their ideas into the program and to deliberate over these in the initial stage of Identify. Individuals may then decide to continue on their proposed projects, or to work on alternative needs as proposed by other faculty fellows.

    Yes, you are allowed to continue with your current job while undergoing the programme. However, faculty fellows are expected to spend 10hours/week completing a combination of reading, project work, training workshops and regular small group mentoring sessions to familiarize with the Biodesign Process.

    The Biodesign Faculty Fellowship will span 6 months and will commence from the first week of August.

    Inventorship will be appropriated based on contributions to the invention. Faculty Fellows will be advised to work with their respective host institutions for this. Singapore Biodesign is unable to claim inventorship solely in capacity as training provider.

    Yes, you are required to submit a copy of referee letter endorsed by your supervisor or HOD. For applicants that your host institution is not part of our partnering institution, please do link our team up to your leadership team to explore this.