Published on Monday, 01 July 2024

Dear Singapore Biodesign Partners and Friends, 

As of 1st April 2024, I have transitioned out of my role as Programme Director at Singapore Biodesign (SB). Stepping up to take on the role of Acting Programme Director will be Dr Lee Phin Peng, who was serving as SB's Deputy Programme Director.

During my tenure at SB, I had the privilege of leading the program through significant transformation from Singapore-Stanford Biodesign to Singapore Biodesign, securing continued funding for the programme, driving the development of the Health and MedTech Innovation Training White Paper, and implementing quality transformation initiatives like curriculum professionalization and high-quality training programmes. My dedication to fostering valuable industry connections resulted in robust relationships with local, regional, and international partners. These collaborations supported various initiatives, including the Innovation Fellowship, Faculty Fellowship, A*STAR GAP Champion Development Scheme, BOLT Initiative, regional clinical immersion, and many others.

Dr. Lee Phin Peng has been an invaluable member of SB since joining in 2020, playing a significant role in securing RIE2025 funding and driving the implementation of strategic initiatives. His contributions have been instrumental in scaling up SB's training programmes and introducing Design Thinking courses to A*STAR. As we welcome Phin to helm SB leadership, I have full confidence in his capabilities to lead SB forward, and I'm excited to see the program continue to grow and make an impact under his guidance.

Once again, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone for their unwavering support to SB and our alumni over the years. I trust that you will continue to extend the same support to Phin as the new Programme Director of Singapore Biodesign. Thank you.