CIP for Carbon Footprint Quantification via LCA


The SIMTech Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) for Carbon Footprint Quantification via Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an innovative and collaborative initiative led by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech). It aims to advance sustainability practices in various industries, ensuring continuity beyond a singular LCA project and reporting. The project focuses on developing an efficient, reliable, and collaborative Application Programming Interface (API) that integrates with SIMTech's LCA engine and localized life cycle inventory (LCI) repository. By utilizing this interface, industry partners can easily curate environmental key performance indicators, such as the carbon footprint, without incurring additional high costs associated with initiating new LCA projects. Additionally, the developed API offers flexible integration with any commercial production process that requires an LCA calculator to accurately quantify the carbon footprints of their products or processes. To support industries that are new to LCA, the project offers tailored workshops, specifically designed to guide industry partners in overcoming critical challenges encountered during any LCA studies.


The primary objectives of the SIMTech Collaborative Industry Project for LCA are as follows:

a. Development of a set of reliable and perpetual APIs to interface with SIMTech’s LCA Engine and LCI Repository, regularly updated with relevant and latest emission factors to unveil the carbon footprint quantification of the entire value chain to facilitate informed decision-making

b. Tailored workshops conducted by our team of LCA expertise to overcome potential pitfalls and challenges encountered during LCA studies

c. Seamless integration with any commercial product development through APIs calls


Impact & Benefits
The SIMTech Collaborative Industry Project for LCA offers several benefits to participating industries, researchers, and the wider community:

a. Enhanced Sustainability Performance: By identifying and quantifying environmental impacts, industries can make informed decisions to improve their sustainability performance and reduce resource consumption and emissions.

b. Improved Product Design: LCA enables industries to evaluate the environmental impacts of different design options, leading to the development of more sustainable products and processes.

c. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: The project encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry partners, researchers, and experts, fostering innovation and the exchange of sustainable practices.


Programme Introduction Seminar
Date: Friday, 21 July 2023
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: JTC CleanTech Two Block B @ CleanTech Park, Level 2M
5 CleanTech Loop, Singapore 636732


Contact Us

For enquiries, please contact:

Mr Eugene Ho
Section Manager
Sustainability Informatics & Strategy (SIS)

Mr Chai Lai Sing
Industry Development Manager
Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC)