Crunch Cutlery

Crunch Cutlery

Collaborating with local startup to build a healthier and sustainable future

Co-founded by Anna Lam, Crunch Cutlery became the first startup in Southeast Asia to tackle issues associated with plastic waste, whilst at the same time providing nutritional benefits to consumers – all from a single product. Made up of flaxseed, chia seeds and whole wheat, the edible cutleries give a boost of Omega 3, Vitamin B3, lignans and fibre; and act as a substitute to plastic utensils in which Singaporeans throw away 500 million units every year.

Having found early success, Crunch Cutlery identified the need for further upscaling of their product in the open market, and a collaboration between Crunch Cutlery and Innovation Factory @ SIMTech was formed to re-engineer the outlook and design of the edible cutleries.

Led by product designer Audrey Ng of Innovation Factory@SIMTech, the initial prototype was based on concept sketching of yin and yang. After gathering and studying user feedback, a second design with a more ergonomic approach was created, sticking to Crunch Cutlery’s values of thinking outside the box, and to have elements of being fun and loud but yet not losing the essence of organic and wellness.

The team at Innovation Factory@SIMTech ensures that every aspect of a product development cycle is closely looked into, and focuses on the finest of details that suit the needs of all our member’s project aspirations.  Innovation Factory@SIMTech shortens the road from ideas to market-readiness – with overall better results. Our disciplines of concurrent engineering and integrated product plus process development contribute towards integrating productivity and other manufacturing concerns in the design process.

The sustainability of our local companies requires a continuous stream of industry-led design and technology-based innovations to manufacture high value and high-quality products in a cost-effective manner.