Smooder Private Limited


Empowering healthy habits for the busy working professional

Singapore’s First Nespresso-like Smoothie Maker

Today’s working society sees many Singaporeans spending long hours at work, many of whom are becoming more health conscious. The ideal working environment is one that supports its employees in being happy and healthy, and one common way of trying to achieve that is through pantry snacks and beverages. However, most office pantries are packed with sodas, energy drinks, concentrate juices, and other beverages that have high artificial sugar content. In the long run, these can cause health issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, or even premature death.

Armed with a small handheld drawing, Smooder, a local start-up, approached Innovation Factory@SIMTech to design and engineer a compact and easy-to-use smoothie blending machine. The collaboration with Innovation Factory@SIMTech saw the development of a proprietary machine that offers convenience through “blend in cup” technology and self-cleaning functionality. By inserting a Smooder cup filled with flash frozen fruits and vegetables, a fresh smoothie-on-demand can be made within a minute at the press of a button. 

Innovation Factory@SIMTech works to understand clients’ needs, and develop end products that meet their timeframes and budgets. With years of experience in product design and access to local ecosystem partners, startups and SMEs can realise their dreams of owning their own products through collaborations with Innovation Factory@SIMTech.