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Implement Large Area Processing
*This is a non-WSQ module.

Printed electronics is expected to facilitate widespread flexible and lower cost electronics with new opportunities. The value proposition for large-area processing in manufacturing printed electronics and functional films is creating rapid growing markets worldwide in many areas such as smart & interactive packaging, outdoor media & advertisement, biomedical, wearable electronics, automotive, building, architectural and construction industries. Flexible hybrid electronics is an innovative process that combines the flexibility, thinness, and lightweight nature of large-area printed electronics with the processing power of semiconductors for new application in wearables, healthcare and consumer electronics. Specific knowledge, skills and know-how are required to cope with the implementation of large-area processing to capture opportunities with these emerging applications.

About the Programme

Flexible hybrid electronics is an emerging manufacturing process. It needs a specific set of knowledge and skills regarding the printed electronics fundamentals, printing process and application design that are not covered in any existing relevant training courses. This course aims to bridge these gaps.

Participants will learn the concepts and applications of printed electronics technology and understand the working principles of various flexible functional films. With the guidance of industry experts in large-area process and printed electronics, participants get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in functional film fabrication and applications, in particular for printed lighting, printed heater, printed electrode and various printed sensors, and understand the specific requirements to the flexible functional printed electronic application.

SIMTech’s printed electronic experts aim to ”transfer” their latest knowledge about the design, prototyping and fabrication of large-area flexible printed electronics to the participants to lead the emerging manufacturing industry.

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Implement Large Area Processing

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Implement Large-area Processing for Applications in Printed Electronics and Functional Films (40 hours)

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