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Python Utilization in Adv Manufacturing
*This is a non-WSQ module.

Python programming skill is in extremely high demand in various industries involving data science and data analytics. With Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in manufacturing production environments generating voluminous amounts of data and progressively greater automated production techniques that require a strong knowledge & expertise of programming to manage the machines, having a good command of Python programming will be the key to deliver high performance to your organisations.

About this Programme

This course seeks to impart not knowledge but skills to write Python programs. In some sense, it is initializing the participants to the world of commanding computers to do enormous tasks rapidly for them in simple human-understandable codes.

The key difference between Python and other proprietary Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming languages is that Python is free-of-charge, which reduces risk, cost of implementation and cost of running. Furthermore, it is open-sourced – no hidden codes, licensing fees, extra cost for upgrades of Python versions, etc – and also means the world-wide community and knowledge base that come with Python is freely available to you and your business.

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Python Utilization in Advanced Manufacturing

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