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The course is now under review and it is currently not available for registration, More details will be released soon.
Smart System Framework
*This is a non-WSQ module.

Smart System Framework™ (SSF™) is a highly interactive Rapid Company Assessment (RCA) workshop, integrating over 400 business processes to support rapid company assessment for digital roadmapping and continuous business process improvement. SSF™’s methodologies and tools are derived from more than 4 years of research and development to document small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) business processes. Through this development, SSF™ was able to determine over more than 400 business process flows that can represent ‘standard’ industry business processes and best practices. These processes were created using a combination of SIMTech’s consulting expertise and strong customer projects experience (in conjunction with 300 SMEs). Singapore’s Industry Transformation Map (ITM)s’ sectors will benefit greatly with the implementation of SSF™ assessment tools and methodologies. SSF™ is making an immersive impact to Singapore’s logistics, marine, F&B services, food manufacturing, electronics, infrastructural services, precision, medtech, healthcare services etc.

About this Programme

The course consists of two parts: classroom training and mentorship. On-site company training and review sessions will also be performed at the participants’ companies to demonstrate how SSF™ can improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, the course aims to help participants address the following performance gaps for their organisations:

  • Learn the framework to “recognise” requirements for needs identification such as equipment, machines and computer-based systems (ERP, MES, CRM, PLM, BIM, EAM) to move the organisation towards the 4.0 Digital Transformation
  • Help manufacturing organisations to assess their operational processes and develop plans to ready into digital transformation and gain a head-start in developing their transformation roadmap.
  • Understand how to establish their organisations into “Smart Factory” set-up with suitable business strategies and gain knowledge to manage the challenges and derive sources of help (from 4.0 system integrators and service providers)

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Smart System Framework

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Smart System Framework Module
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