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Enhance Control Performance of Precision Machines (42 hours)

Enhance Control Performance of Precision Machines
This course is one of five modules stackable for the Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering, specialising in Mechatronics.

This course equips participants with the fundamental tools needed to analyse, design and tune controllers with in-depth analysis of key considerations for precision control, such as uncertainty analysis, noise sources and filtering, and metrology and error sources, to name a few. The knowledge gained will enhanced the participant’s ability to increase machines’ performance in terms of precision, accuracy, speed and reliability. The participants will also gained awareness of the capabilities of various high-tech equipment, latest concepts at the forefront of precision engineering for actuation and sensing. Various case studies on error compensation, self-calibration, as well as practical implementation for control in some technology areas such as voice coil motors and permanent magnet linear motors will be used to impart the techniques which can be applied immediately to engineering issues in the day-to-day operation.

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Skills Course Code ReferenceTraining PeriodRegistration Status 
Design Precision Machines (42 hours)TGS-2018502751
EVE 2 Feb 2021 - 25 Mar 2021
Enhance Control Performance of Precision Machines (42 hours) TGS-2018502752
EVE 6 Apr 2021 - 25 May 2021
Develop Machine Health Monitoring Techniques (42 hours) TGS-2019503722EVE 1 Jul 2021 - 19 Aug 2021
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (42 hours)TGS-2018502728

Plan and Manage Project for Implementation (30 hours)TGS-2018502857

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