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Implement Fundamentals of Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention  (42 hours)

Implement Fundamentals of Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention
This course is one of five modules stackable for the Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering, specialising in Advanced Surface Engineering. More information is coming soon!

Corrosion is a multidisciplinary issue affecting almost all industrial sectors around the world. Losses due to corrosion are enormous and the economic impacts are significant, highlighting the dire need for a proactive approach to corrosion prevention and control. However, the lack of knowledge and experience in corrosion and corrosion protection among local technical managers, designers, engineers, and technicians remains one of the main obstacles to effective action in the industry.

This module covers the fundamentals of corrosion-related issues in the industry and is designed to equip participants with the basic fundamentals of corrosion and its evaluation. It mainly covers the following three key topics:

Corrosion Fundamentals and Consequences

This includes the dangers associated with corrosion, different types of corrosion and their mechanisms, and the basics of the corrosion process.

Overview of Corrosion Control and Rectification

This session starts with an introduction to corrosion control methods, followed with details of surface preparation according to standards, coating application, quality control/inspection, and corrosion rectifications. Case studies on corrosion problems arising from coating failures will also be shared during classroom lectures.

Corrosion Characterisation and Testing

This section covers corrosion testing and characterisation techniques and procedures in industrial practices. Participants will get the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences via laboratory sessions and field tests commonly used for corrosion testing/investigations. Relevant international standards for field and laboratory accelerated tests will also be studied.

The comprehensive structure of this module incorporates classroom lectures, hands-on experimental work, and suitable case studies to represent a wider cross-section of the rudiments and evaluation of corrosion.

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Skills Course Reference NumberTraining Period Registration Status
Implement Fundamentals of Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention (42 hours)TGS-2018502753EVE 13 Oct 2020 - 26 Nov 2020
Apply Advanced Coating Technologies for Corrosion and Wear Prevention (39 hours)TGS-2018502775

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