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Implementation of Fundamental LEAN at Workplace (LEAN-lite) (26 hours)


Productivity improvement is the only sustainable way to increase value-add of an organisation and is the key driver of business growth.

Under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system, this programme aims to achieve productivity breakthroughs for an organisation by educating trainees in the fundamental of LEAN principles and equipping them with LEAN techniques that can be implemented in the workplace.

This LEAN-lite programme consists of 2 half-day classroom sessions covering the approach to identifying wastes (non value-added activities), root-cause analyses, and lean tools & techniques; with 4 half-day on-site mentoring sessions to help facilitate the application of lean techniques.

Upon completing the course, trainees become lean leaders who will commence on their own LEAN journeys, train colleagues, and support LEAN culture within their organisations for continuous productivity improvements and long-term benefits.

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Implementation of Fundamental LEAN at Workplace (LEAN-Lite) (26 hours)

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