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Implement Manufacturing Data Mining Techniques (42 hours)

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Data mining techniques are increasingly important for data-intensive manufacturing operations as the industry faces a number of challenges such as equipment and material condition variations, trial-and-error in process parameter setting, product quality inconsistencies, low capability of root cause discovery, process performance prediction and process parameters/recipe auto tuning. By applying data mining techniques, a company can improve its product quality and manufacturing productivity.

This WSQ course aims to provide a good understanding of the fundamentals of data analytics and data mining techniques for different manufacturing applications. Participants will learn techniques for advanced clustering methods for product quality management, correlation modelling, and data pattern methods for root cause analyses and neural networks for process performance prediction.


Watch our webinar video held on 26 Nov 2020 to learn more about this course. Click here to view.

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Implement Manufacturing Data Mining Techniques (42 hours) TGS-2020506158; TGS-2018502735
EVE 21 Jun 2021 - 4 Oct 2021
Data Mining for Correlation Analysis (DM-LITE) TGS-2020504604    

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