Our system will help you to assess your equipment’s energy usage in real time and identify hotspots of excessive energy usage. These hotspots can then be analyzed to derive quantifiable energy improvement potentials that will allow you to better understand the day-to-day energy usage of your manufacturing processes and embed the best practices in energy management.

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Real-Time Energy Efficiency Monitoring Dashboard


The E²MAS application provides real-time energy efficiency dashboard at shopfloor level. At one glance, users can easily understand their current energy performance as well as identify hotspots, i.e. those machines with warning or abnormal status.


Real-Time Flows Visualization Dashboard


Users can simply identify those machines that are major energy consumers via the flows visualisation dashboard. And also, users can find out how the energy is being used, whether for value-added production or idling activities.


Alert Investigation


Abnormal occurrences are presented with warnings on the mobile application to alert you to energy consumption deviations and are presented against average and best practice energy efficiency results. Abnormal statuses are able to be shown against factors leading to the warning, such as abnormal temperature readings. Furthermore, best practice results will also be displayed to show the potential difference in equipment performance.


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