Last Mile Logistics Management is a last mile logistics planning and monitoring suite of applications which enable the planner to automatically plan assignment and sequence of jobs for drivers. Furthermore, it includes real-time monitoring of operations and job dispatching for easier execution of operations.

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Automated Planning of Assignment and Sequence of Jobs for Drivers


The Last Mile Logistics Management application enables the planner to plan jobs for their drivers while considering various constraints such as vehicle restrictions on orders, time windows and multiple depots among others. This provides the planner with the flexibility to include various customer requirements and operational constraints in their planning.


Real-Time Monitoring of Operations


Using Last Mile Logistics Management application, the planner is able to monitor their operations live and in one glance identify orders that have been completed on time, late, pending or potentially late for each driver. The planner web app is supported by the driver mobile app which provides the driver with the list of jobs for the day and the ability to perform proof of delivery actions.


Real-Time Dispatching


Via the dispatching capabilities of Last Mile Logistics Management application, the planner is able to identify the remaining jobs for each driver live and if required, allocate ad-hoc jobs to drivers or reassign jobs from one driver to another while the drivers are out for their operations. This enables the planner to maintain operational excellence during the occurrence of unexpected events.


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