Multi-site Orders Allocation and Tracking

With MCTTM advanced optimisation technologies, the customer orders can be optimally allocated to more than one factory based on multi-factors such as different capacities at machine levels for different due dates, lead times or distances to delivery. By allocating based on the capacities of different machines, we enable optimal allocation for large product varieties which reduce fulfilment cost.


Supply Chain Overview


The supply chain overview provides visibility on the total orders, along with their real-time status. Companies can also have an overview of their total production status, as well as the cost.


Optimizing supply to demand


With algorithms in place to help companies optimize their supply to their demands, companies can make strategic decisions based on several conditions and results. This way, companies are not limited in their decision making, as well as having a automated process of optimizing between factories.


Order Tracking


Order Tracking enables companies to manage individual orders or batches, so that they have the visibility and ability to micro-manage their supply across multiple factories. This way, companies are not limited to the automated process, but are able to do so manually for special request or occasions.


Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

With alerts incorporated, companies have real-time visibility and status of their supply, and are able to make immediate adjustments to their supply chain. This enables companies to have an ever optimized supply chain to reduce cost from transportation and lead time.


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