Real-Time Scheduling

Real-Time Scheduling is a solution for production planning, scheduling and tracking, helps manufacturing companies to maximise customer satisfaction and achieve high operational performance with a smart and efficient way.

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Mobile real-time scheduling dashboard


The mobile real-time scheduling application helps planners make a quick scheduling decision in reaction to unexpected events, such as machine breakdowns and urgent customer orders. Its dashboard shows the summary of the current schedule’s on time production and utilisation performance.


Real-time alert


Planners are instantly notified whenever an unexpected event occurs. For example, when an urgent customer order arrives, it is notified immediately as an alert and the planner can see the details of the order.


Rescheduling options


If planners want to reschedule in reaction to unexpected events, three rescheduling options are provided according to the predetermined scheduling rules. Planners can make a quick decision by comparing both on time production and utilisation performance between the options.


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