Sentiment Analysis

The widespread use of social media and the internet enables us to collect new sentiment data in the form of online reviews and comments. By tapping on the connectivity and advanced analytical methods provided by MCTTM, the Sentiment Analysis App automatically analyses these data to reveal insights into customer behaviours and needs. All these occurs real-time, so companies are able to respond to customer behaviours in the shortest time possible. By understanding what customers really want, companies are able to come out with more effective, targeted marketing campaigns and improved product designs.


Sentiment Analysis Dashboard


The dashboard provides a simplified overall view of all products, with a choice of historical data period for relevancy to market. The graphical, numerical and coloured data layout helps users to identify trends immediately, with options to deep dive into categories.


Products Analysis

Products Analysis helps the companies to understand the sentiments trending across their range of products. By doing so, companies can know when it is time to phase out old or underselling products, or to improve products based on the customers' feedback. It also enables companies to know if the changes to their products are resulting positively or negatively.

Comments Analysis


Comments Analysis consists of algorithms that single out positive or negative feedback so companies can have an insight into how customers feel about their product. The algorithm categorises keywords as positive or negative and projects how frequently the keywords appear, so companies can focus on them to make the necessary adjustments.


Demographics Analysis


Sentiment Analysis also has the ability to categorise sentiments from across the globe, so that companies can have a broader view on how their products affect different populations, ethnicity, religions and such. This enables the companies to make strategic improvements based on this demographic feedback so they can serve their. customers better.


Alert Notifications


Sentiment Analysis provides alerts based on a preset time frame, so companies can keep track of how their products fare over the duration. This is especially useful for products with seasonal demands, so companies can know how they fare during the period, enabling them to make necessary adjustments before the next seasonal demand begins.


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