VR@Model Factory

VR@Model Factory aims to help companies in save costs in physical factory space management, while providing the means to test machines' specifications and capabilities before purchasing.

VR@Model Factory also aims to help companies create a one-stop digital platform for their solutions.

Immersive Digital Twin of Model Factory@SIMTech

VR@Model Factory enables immersive capabilities to enable virtual training, reducing downtime on physical machines that matters in production to make way for training. Virtual training can also be performed many times over, ensuring staff are adequately trained, as well as allowing easy revisiting of training materials easily when required.

Real-Time One-Stop Visibility

VR@Model Factory showcases the capability to platform multiple solutions from different companies as a real-time one-stop visibility.

Being able to stream Real-Time data from a remote server into the virtual model, VR@Model Factory enables an immersive experience in virtual space, with the addition of real-time factory data to create a Factory-On-The-Go model. Companies can now bring their factories overseas for marketing or sales pitches, bringing mobility to a static venue.


Benefits of VR@Model Factory


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