Achieving Better Product with the Right Corrosion Assessment Strategies

Many companies have benefited from the assistance


SIMTech has established a comprehensive set of capabilities and expertise on corrosion assessment of coated and uncoated metals and alloys to assist both research and industrial needs. Accelerated tests and assessment, electrochemical tests, advanced scanning techniques and atmospheric field exposure tests are some of these capabilities.

These capabilities are critical to support various needs of product/process developments such as coatings, alloys surface treatments, materials selection, mechanistic studies, benchmark of materials and quality control etc. Numerous corrosion related initiated Collaborative Industry Projects (CIPs), industry assist and consultancy projects have benefited many companies.

One of the CIPs, Assessment of Zinc Coatings, participated by more than 20 companies from various sectors enabled participants to gain valuable insights on performance benchmarking of commercially available zinc coatings, strategies for solution selection and proper coating application methods to optimise performance. In one of the industry projects with Nipo International Group, a manufacturer of industrial coatings and warehouse/logistics service provider, SIMTech has contributed to improving their PC based anti-corrosion coating.

As part of a holistic approach, SIMTech also provides training on understanding corrosion failures and protection to local technical industry professionals. The training equips participants with the critical skills for real-time evaluation and pertinent remedies or preventive strategies to combat corrosion-related issues. Over the past 10 years, the corrosion training has benefited over 120 participants from more than 75 companies. The next Corrosion Course Module 1 (Implement Fundamentals of Corrosion & Corrosion Prevention) is planned in September 2021.

We are thankful to SIMTech for a holistic approach to our coating development. SIMTech not only developed corrosion testing methodologies which met our objectives, but also discovered weakness in our coating system and made suitable recommendations to improve the production and application process. Nipo is planning to launch this new product by mid-2019. It would not have been possible if not for the expertise and recommendations made by Dr Sudesh and his team. SIMTech not only provides reliable testing services, but more importantly practical solutions to problems

Mr Steve Tan, Business Development Director, Nipo International Group

As a specialist in coatings, we find the training by Dr Sudesh and team very helpful in deepening our understanding of corrosion failures and testing methodologies as we develop a new anti-corrosion formulation for automotive application. SIMTech has also helped us to set-up our corrosion R&D lab, including training to operate the equipment

Mr Kevin Teo, R&D Manager, Whitford Pte Ltd

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Mr Goh Chee Chien
Acting Deputy Director, PE COI