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The Smart Microfluidics (SMF) innovates in polymer microfluidics manufacturing to create value from emerging applications. SMF welcomes industry partners and industry-minded academia keen to explore opportunities with us in point-of-care and clinical diagnostics, bio-lab automation, pharmaceutical and life science research as well as food science. By tapping on a developed pool of technologies and harnessing SIMTech’s cross-cutting capabilities, SMF offers comprehensive solutions in microfluidics design and manufacturing.


  • Microfluidics Applications 
    SMF has the expertise in miniaturisation of fluid handling systems and precise control of small fluid volumes. Harnessing the potential of microfluidics technology, complex and labour-intensive laboratory procedures are able to be carried out automatically on a chip. Some of our research applications are listed below:
    • Point-of-Care and Clinical Diagnostics 
    • Bio-lab Automation with Lab on a Chip Tools
    • Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research
    • Food Science 
  • Microfluidics Chip Manufacturing Processes 
    SMF’s manufacturing capabilities span the complete microfluidics manufacturing process from structuring, bonding, metallisation, surface treatment to system integration. Our SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry houses a microfabrication line with robust processes to ensure unparalleled quality and value.


  • Microfluidics design, simulation and optimisation capabilities 
    • Comprehensive design guidelines for microfluidic device based on their manufacturing flows and processes 
    • Extensive simulation capabilities on fluid flow and heat transfer analysis, component design mechanics analysis etc 
    • Optimisation of microfluidic components with established module library including micro-mixer micro-heater pneumatic valve, capillary electrophoresis, etc
  • Development of scalable manufacturing processes for microfluidics devices 
    • Dedicated microfluidics production line 
    • Comprehensive array of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and customisable manufacturing processes to address unique requirements 
    • Established process on thermoplastic polymer substrate such as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) polycarbonate (PC), cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) and others


  • Point-of-Care and Clinical Diagnostics
    • Point of Care Testing (POCT) System with fully enclosed chips for rapid diagnosis of life-critical bio-markers
    • Molecular Diagnosis System with integrated sample preparation, signal amplification and detection
  • Bio-lab Automation with Lab on a Chip Tools
    • Automatic molecular profiling station
    • Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) screening for rare cell detection
    • Automatic Microvesicle (Exosome) Enrichment system
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research
    • In-vitro skin testing using multi chamber microfluidic system
    • GMP & EUP certified micro-encapsulation system for bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Food Science
    • GMP certified micro-encapsulation system for Probiotics protection & Taste masking
    • Hologram Spore Detection system for quarantine and quality control


  • Opening of the SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF) with a microfabrication line spanning the complete microfluidics manufacturing process
  • Certified ISO13485 compliant in microfluidics design and development
  • Successfully licensed our GMP & EUP certified droplet generator for micro-encapsulation system of bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Launch of training courses for industry - “Understand the Microfluidics Manufacturing Processes”, “Lab-on-a-Chip” and “Microfluidics Fabrication”
  • Successfully transferred our Lab-on-a-chip product for molecular diagnosis to industry
  • Enhanced the capability of a local leading medical device contract manufacturer through transfer of key microfluidics manufacturing technologies


  • Microfluidics Applications
    • Industrial Microscopes (Olympus measuring microscope, Olympus stereo microscope)
    • Bioanalytical Equipment (Bio-Rad real-time PCR detection system, Thermo Fisher Scientific NanoDrop spectrophotometer, Bio-rad molecular imager)
    • Life Science Equipment (Biofrontier shaking incubator)
    • Electronics Equipment (Tektronic mixed signal oscilloscope, Agilent function generator)
  • Microfluidics Chip Manufacturing Processes
    • Chip Prototyping Equipment (Universal Laser Systems laser engraving/cutting system, Specac thermal press)
      Mould Insert Fab Equipment (Photolithography, Technotrans plating system)
    • Structuring Equipment (Wittmann Battenfeld injection compression molding system, Hot embossing system)
    • Sealing Equipment (Thermal compression bonding system, Ultrasonic plastic welding system, Film laminating system, Solvent roller coating system, Laser bonding system)
    • Surface Modification Equipment (Novascan UV/Ozone surface treatment system)
    • Quality Control Equipment (Zeta 3D optical profiler, Optical warpage measurement system) 

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