Optics & Imaging Systems (OIS)



OIS conducts research and development in optics, photonics, imaging and data processing with the aim of developing and deploying new technologies, techniques and algorithms for capturing, manipulating and analysing signals and images.

Focus Research Areas

  • Advanced laser source-based imaging for precision manufacturing
  • Customised optical design for imaging, illumination and inspection
  • Intelligent 3D X-ray systems and image processing for autonomous manufacturing


  • Imaging-based multi-view high-throughput cytometer and bi-directional cell sorter
  • Area-based chromatic confocal optics for large-scale surface inspection
  • Unique Large Object X-ray CT Scanning (APNE/Fugro)
  • Fast PCB Non-Through Hole Measurement via X-ray Triangulation Imaging
  • Advanced imaging and processing for complex feature/defects detection and measurement
  • AI-assisted vegetable classification
  • Lidar inspection and assessment for fast, very large object surface damage detection


  • Optical design and simulation for image formation and illumination
  • Advanced image and signal processing
  • Chromatic confocal optics for surface measurement
  • Ultrafast laser, advanced coherent and hyperspectral imaging
  • LIDAR for inspection applications
  • High-resolution 2D and 3D X-ray imaging for inspection and measurement
  • AI-assisted image processing for defect detection and classification  

  • Optics Lab (Zeemax Software for optics and lighting design, Optical characterisation facilities, Lens measurement equipment, Lighting stations for experimentation)
  • Laser Lab (High-power laser systems in cleanroom environment)
  • X-ray Lab (Multiple X-ray systems: GE vtomex, Nikon 225, Nikon 450, in-house 225/450 large-chamber, VGStudio MAX CT visualisation and analysis software)