Sustainability Informatics & Strategy (SIS)



The Sustainability Informatics & Strategy group looks at quantifying sustainability performance and how business models, business practices can be transformed to decarbonise operations and recirculate resources within the economy through the development of digital sustainability platforms.

Focus Research Areas

  • Sustainability Performance Quantification
  • Operations Decarbonisation
  • Resource Circularity
  • Digital Sustainability Platforms


1. Life Cycle Assessment & Costing Platform
ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment and Costing Platform to perform eco-technoeconomic analysis on organisations, technologies, systems, products and services.

2. Green CompassTM
A roadmapping tool to assess and chart pathways for improving organisations’ environmental sustainability readiness, coupled with a cloud-based digital platform for sustainability maturity self-assessment, prioritisation, and knowledge-driven roadmapping ideation.

3. Supporting Centre for Emissions and Energy Modelling (CE2M)
Integration of disparate models via a federated approach to harmonise, harness and synergise the best available modelling & simulation features to better support policy decisions for energy and emissions.

4. Collaboration Platform for Industrial Symbiosis
Knowledge driven recommendation and coordination system to facilitate discovery and formation of new waste-to-resource value chains.



  • Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Eco-Techno-Economic Analysis
  • Sustainable business model innovation and design
  • Partial & general equilibrium modelling towards net-zero manufacturing
  • Industrial Symbiosis modelling, knowledge management and engineering