DCC Launch

17 Apr 2017
Digital Capability Centre (DCC) Launch

ARTC launched a Digital Capability Centre (DCC) with the consulting firm McKinsey, which aims to nurture talent and build high-value skillsets required for the current and future needs of the manufacturing sector in Singapore. The collaboration leverages on McKinsey’s expertise in analytics and design to develop learning modules, and dovetails with the Model Factory @ ARTC initiative, where ARTC will provide a physical facility to demonstrate the flow of integrated technologies and data across various types of manufacturing lines. The DCC Singapore is McKinsey’s flagship innovation in Digital Operations and Industrie 4.0, and is part of McKinsey’s global network of five such centres, set up in partnership with leading industry consortia, government organisations and research institutions.

The other DCCs are located in China, Germany, Italy and the United States.
The event, held on the 11th April 2017 at ARTC, offers companies to learn more about Industry 4.0 and prepare for the digital journey. The event was graced by CXOs from leading organizations across the region.

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