SME Day 2018


16 May 2018
SME Day 2018

SME Day 2018 was held on the 15th May to 16th May 2018. Jointly organised by A*STAR and Enterprise Singapore, SME Technology and Innovation Day 2018 showcased a full spectrum of technologies and initiatives for the SME community, encompassing programmes such as Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) and Grow Enterprises through Technology Upgrade (GET-UP), as well as research capabilities from Research Institutes (RIs), Centres of Innovations (COIs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). 

The event saw 1,600 attendees and 90 exhibition booths featuring prototypes, product demos, and readily adoptable technology. 

ARTC showcased High Throughput Masking for Industry Applications that demonstrates the 3D masking capability currently under development at ARTC, where visitors got to witness a robust automated masking system targeted at improving process throughput. 

In the welcome address by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr Chan highlighted how more than 1,300 enterprises have adopted over 50 ready-to-go technology solutions, in areas such as customer management and analytics, through Tech Depot since April last year. Mr Chan also listed ways Singapore can position itself as a "global Asia node of technology, innovation and enterprise". The first is to design products and services for the world, and not just for the domestic market. Innovation must also be Singapore's core competitive advantage to compete successfully in Asean. His third point was that Singapore must strive to be the location of choice for start-ups and SMEs to incubate, pilot and scale up new business models and technologies. 

One of the highlights of the event was the A*STAR T-Up Excellence Awards Ceremony when Lim YiYu from the Advanced Remanufacturing Team participated int the T-Up Send Off Ceremony. YiYu was seconded to Tru-Marine Pte Ltd, ARTC's Tier 3 member focusing on smart fixture, hybrid machining and manufacturing and lean digitalization.