Executive Dialogue 2019


12 Mar 2019
Executive Dialogue 2019

An executive dialogue session was held on 12th of March 2019. It was attended by Dr Hamid Mughal, and senior executives of industry members.

On 12th of March 2019, ARTC members (Anchor, Tier 1, 2 and 3), were brought together for a dialogue session, chaired by ARTC Programme Board Chairman, Dr Hamid Mughal, Director of Global Manufacturing of Rolls-Royce. The dialogue was facilitated by Dr Andy Lee, Business Development Director of ARTC, and key discussions revolved around the future of Singapore’s manufacturing industry and ARTC’s role to contribute towards it.

Through the dialogue, attendees were able to share their experiences, views, and gained insight via the expert opinions of the various senior executives.

Several critical points were raised during the discussion which included: how Singapore could maintain her competitiveness in the manufacturing industry with the implementation of Industry 4.0, ways in which ARTC can retain its relevance and continue to add value to its members, and the importance of experiential training in today’s dynamic environment.

The dialogue session was a great opportunity to shed light on some challenges faced by various companies and how ARTC can be the bridge to foster closer working relationships and promote knowledge transfer among its members.