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ARTC Grand Opening

ARTC Grand Opening

28 Jan 2015

ARTC's Grand Opening has officially put a strong foothold into the REMANUFACTURING domain in the industrial sector on the global map. Its partnership with Institutes of Higher learning (IHLs) and commitment from our global industrial members will lead ARTC into the digital future of manufacturing and sustainability.

Quotes from NTU and ARTC Members:

Professor Bertil Andersson, President, Nanyang Technological University:

“NTU is a natural partner to ARTC, and we are proud to work with A*STAR in establishing this unique facility. At NTU, we do fundamental research and proof-of-concepts, while the development, refinement and implementation of such innovative technologies would be undertaken at the ARTC which will have some 40 NTU scientists and researchers for a start. This completes an innovation value-chain, where ideas and innovations get commercialised and fed back into industry, contributing to the economy.”

Mr Ken Teng, Director, AmpTec Industrial Heating:

“We have been in partnership with ARTC since 2014. To transform traditional ways of cleaning to the green way in the manufacturing industry is never easy. Cost and human habits are often the obstacles hindering the adoption of green manufacturing methods. After joining the ARTC membership programme, our company has received opportunities for growth and advancement.”

Mr Terrence Oh, Vice President, Asia Pacific, EOS GmbH:

“The primary goal for EOS in this collaboration is to bring about awareness of Additive Manufacturing / Industrial 3D Printing to the various industries in Singapore. The program at ARTC has provided such a platform whereby this goal could be met. In addition, the collaboration between EOS and ARTC has provided synergies in terms of analysis, measurement and post processes for Additive Manufacturing technology.”

Mr Tateno Akira, Executive Officer, General Director, Corporate Research and Development, IHI:

“IHI has a great interest in Additive Manufacturing and its related technologies, like internal surface finishing. They have a potential to change IHI’s way of production. And also, Automation with Robots for surface finishing and masking is our important theme to improve productivity. Through collaborations with ARTC and other members, we are able to accelerate our research activities on these themes.”

Dr Hamid Mughal, Director of Manufacturing, Rolls-Royce:

“Rolls-Royce has played an instrumental role in the development of the ARTC and we are delighted to be celebrating its opening today. Our close involvement in the ARTC is an integral part our strategy to establish a global network of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres. These centres operate a novel model of academic and industrial collaboration that is designed to accelerate the transfer of innovation from early university research to successful exploitation in industry. I have no doubt therefore that this environment of cross-sector knowhow and team spirit will enable the ARTC to establish itself as a world leading centre of excellence in manufacturing processes, systems and technology.” 

Mr Rajiv Ghatikar, Vice President & General Manager, ASEAN/Australasia, Siemens PLM Software:

“Our vision for this collaboration with ARTC is to deliver fully on our commitment as a founding member. Together with ARTC, we aim to establish a center of excellence in Singapore. Our joint projects in verticals like shipbuilding and aerospace and defence have the potential to revolutionize remanufacturing by replacing tedious and costly manual processes with tools like robotic machining development and hard metal machining. Together, we can build a robust, energy efficient digital enterprise for Singapore to enable local manufacturers to achieve and maintain leadership position in the industry. This partnership has also encouraged us to increase our investment and offerings here so we can contribute more to the economy, create more jobs and do our bit in helping Singapore reach its Smart Nation goal.”

Mr Ulf Sjoblom, Vice President, Group Manufacturing Development, SKF:

“The scope and aim of the partnership is to develop technologies related to SKF Manufacturing and Re-manufacturing and its processing of materials to enhance the knowledge within manufacturing. The membership will give SKF access to world class research and a network with other membership companies which will strengthen SKF manufacturing.”

Mr Paul Inman, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL):

“SAESL is delighted to join ARTC.  Our business has grown strongly through the support of our major partners SIA Engineering Company and Rolls-Royce.  As we look to the future we will continue to expand our repair and overhaul capability in Singapore, specifically in the deployment of new repair technology and automation.  Our partnership with ARTC is key to underpinning this growth, enabling us to bridge the gap between technology development and world class production capability.”