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ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Consortium Workshop 2017


25 May 2017
ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop

ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop was held on 25th-26th May 2017, organised by the ROS-Industrial AP Consortium; international, regional and local speakers spoke about the importance of ROS and it’s capabilities. With more than 80 participants, key speakers ranging from NASA Johnson Space Center, SwRI, Open Robotics and Fraunhofer IPA. Many presented ROS and ROS-Industrial use in their products and applications. Sponsored by ABB, guests were treated with abundance of networking opportunities during the tea and lunch breaks.

A technology discussion on “ROS 2.0 Challenges” with Tully Foote (Open Robotics) and “ROS-Industrial Road Mapping” with Paul Evans (SwRI), allowed participants to highlight current industrial requirements and gaps in order for the consortium to distinguish key areas of focus. Products showcasing ROS-Industrial use by MiR APS, BlueWorkForce and PPM AS were on display. There are various ROS-Industrial packages such as Scan’N’PlanTM , PackML, motion planning, advanced 2Dvision and 3D-point cloud sensor processing were demonstrated on ABB, Fanuc industrial robots and UR10, Kuka, Sawyer collaborative robots.