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ARTC Model Factory Workshop


28 Nov 2018
Model Factory Workshop

The Model Factory Workshop was held on 28th November at the ARTC. The theme of this workshop was “Introduction to Digital Transformation and its Ecosystem”. The event was graced by 62 attendees from various Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Local Enterprises and Multi-National Corporations.

The workshop started off with a seminar in the morning led by various presenters from ARTC, and their ecosystem partners such as McKinsey, Fujitsu and Siemens. After the seminar, the attendees had a tour of the Model Factory, focusing on key testbeds such as the Virtual Manufacturing Lab, the Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room, Condition Monitoring for Machining Process and several others. The tour enabled the attendees to experience the potential impact of digital technologies on real-world manufacturing applications.

The event ended with attendees showing a keen interest in the demonstrations that were showcased during the seminar.