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P&G Anchor Membership


20 Jun 2019

The Anchor Membership Upgrade Signing Ceremony was held on 20th June 2019. The upgrade signifies the strong commitment from P&G to work with ARTC.

he signing ceremony between ARTC and P&G will be a significant hallmark of the successful collaboration between Procter & Gamble since December 2017. Over the span of a few months, the collaboration has worked on a series of regional advanced manufacturing and digitalisation projects. The upgrade to Anchor membership signified a strong commitment from P&G to work closely with ARTC and its members to create greater value for the FMCG and Manufacturing sector in Singapore.

More than 50 attendees from various FMCG industry partners came to witness this memorable moment as Procter & Gamble, a Tier 1 member previously, joined the ranks of ARTC’s Anchor members. The collaboration will seek to further research efforts and contribute further to the FMCG industry. Guests were also introduced to projects completed by the P&G-ARTC collaboration and gained an insight to how both parties benefit and the kind of progress ARTC can make.

This signing is indeed a significant value-add to ARTC’s portfolio and will expand ARTC’s reach, given the fact that P&G are massive stakeholders in the FMCG industry.