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ARTC Bi-Annual Technical Meeting 2020

BTM2020 Collage

ARTC's Bi-Annual Technical Meeting saw the conclusion of Core Research Project (CRP) Cycle 6 Projects and the voting of CRP Cycle 7 projects. The inaugural ARTC Startup Challenge was also held.

The Bi-Annual Technical Meeting takes place twice yearly as ARTC Members from around the globe come in to discuss and gather insight towards how ARTC innovates to address industry concerns. Members also had the chance to network over a cocktail making workshop and dinner which was held at Vineyard at HortPark.

The ARTC Startup Challenge held on the second day of the BTM is an initiative by ARTC to invigorate the local startup scene in Singapore where over 50 A.I-related startups signed up with their innovative ideas to address problem statements that several of ARTC's Members face in their manufacturing or delivery processes. Nine startups were chosen as finalists and had the chance to pitch to the ARTC Membership Consortium.

The event heralds fresh perspectives and ideas to Members, to boost the manufacturing industry and ultimately the economy of Singapore.