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Bi-Annual Technical Meeting 2021 (September)


It was a pleasure meeting many of our ARTC consortium members in the Bi-Annual Technical Meeting this September. The BTM was held for our members to review the Core Research Projects (CRP) 8 projects and vote for the CRP 9 topics. 

HIGHLIGHTS: On the first day of the BTM, we celebrated an important milestone for ARTC: the launch of the Next Generation Hyper Personalisation Line targeted for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. The 2nd day of the BTM presents our members with the 5G Smart Factory experience, giving them a glimpse into the factory of the future. On the last day of the BTM, we witnessed the accomplishments of the 3 Startup Winners who had completed the ARTC Start-up Challenge earlier this year. In addition, we had our first dialogue with our members to drive discussion on sustainability in the manufacturing domain. 

We hope that the BTM spanning over the three days has bear fruitful engagements and network opportunities for our members. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with our members in the near future.