ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific


The Robot Operating System Industrial (ROS-I) Consortium Asia Pacific theme revolves around the unique integration of cutting-edge ROS capabilities in manufacturing. In our open-source consortium project, individuals can utilize this versatile development framework to deliver complex intelligent systems with higher efficiency, minimized cost of maintenance and training. Furthermore, they can leverage the comprehensive database of development and testing provided online by ROS communities across the globe.

Tailored to the needs of manufacturers, ROS-I aims to enhance upon the development of hardware-agnostic programmes by standardizing interfaces, improving software scalability and reliability.


ROS-I Consortium Asia Pacific is managed by non-profit, applied-research institutes that span across America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

    Industrial Robotics
  • Generate collision-free robot paths and robot motion planning.
  • Identify and locate work pieces and/or obstacles.
  • Adaptive assembly-line handling
  • Collaborative workspace integration
  • Dynamic robotic motion planning
  • Adaptive response to variable component surfaces
    Industrial Automation
  • ROS drivers for Model Factory@SIMTech
  • Seamless sensor data-capture and networking in production line
    Community Events & Networking
  • ROS-I Asia Pacific Workshop [Singapore]
  • ROSCon [Canada]
  • International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA) [Australia]
  • ROS-I Conference [Germany]
  • World MoveIt! Day [Singapore]
  • ROS-I Consortium Europe Annual Meeting [Italy]
  • ROS-I Consortium Americas Annual Meeting [Chicago, America]
  • ROS-I Summer School [Singapore]
  • ROS-I Developer’s Training [Singapore]
  • ROS-I Developers Training Class [Texas, America]


ROS Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific The Robot Operating System (ROS) Industrial theme revolves around the optimization of production line with incorporation of advanced ROS capabilities. This technology can be deployed for the following applications:

  • Adaptive Component Handling in Assembly Line
  • Robotics Research and Development
  • Human-Robot Integrated Workspaces

ROS-I Members