Smart Virtual Systems

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Technology Overview

As a leader in delivering cutting-edge smart manufacturing solutions, our Smart Virtual Systems team specialises in developing innovative platform and infrastructure capabilities that enable immersive and connected services for the manufacturing industry. With a focus on key technologies such as Digital Infrastructure and System, IIoT and 5G Connectivity, and Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we are dedicated to revolutionising the way manufacturing is done. 

Technology Capabilities

IIOT and Connectivity

IIoT and Connectivity

  • Intelligent Edge Computing-as-a-Service
  • OEE Monitoring System and Machine Sensorisation Connectivity Middleware
  • Wireless Network Benchmarking for IIoT
    • E2E Latency, Wireless Link Reliability, and Energy Efficiency

Industrial Applications:

  • Edge caching as a service for Manufacturing Content Access
  • 5G enabled IIoT - Teleoperated robot, lightweight video analytics etc. 

Industrial AR and VR

Industrial AR and VR

  • Immersive solutions for Smart Manufacturing, such as:
    • Visualisation
    • Training and collaboration using AR/VR 

Industrial Applications:

  • Manufacturing AR guided operation 
  • Virtual Factory using VR 

Digital Infrastrucutre

Digital Infrastructure and System

  • System architecture for IT/OT network and platform engineering
  • Cybersecurity and DevSecOps
  • Quick on-boarding of Micro-service Applications

Industrial Applications:

  • Real-time planning and scheduling
  • Inventory analytics and planning system
  • Predictive maintenance management system
  • In-situ process and quality management

Real TIme Date

Real-Time Data Visualisation

  • UI/UX design and software development to visualise dynamic data into easy-to-read Display
  • Component-based dynamic data visualisation

Industrial Applications:

  • Real-time dashboard for manufacturing operations