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Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering: Additive Manufacturing

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Complete 5 stackable modules to attain a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering!

Building 3D objects layer-by-layer, commonly known as 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM), is one of the most sought after manufacturing technologies today for high value add engineering applications. Advantages of 3D AM technology include design flexibility and variety for high-mix low-volume production setting, capability to build intricate objects with internal features, which would be challenging for other manufacturing processes (e.g. molding, casting, forging, machining) to achieve, as well as minimum assembly required for moving parts. Being a tool-less manufacturing process, 3D AM offers faster lead time for complex and customised products. The various systems under the 3D AM umbrella share the main principle of building 3D objects layer-by-layer according to each layer’s cross-sectional area. The Wohlers Report 2017 stated that the worldwide AM industry was expected to grow from US$ 6 billion in 2016 to US$ 26.2 billion by 2022.

This course provides a holistic understanding of the concept and fundamentals of 3D AM. It will cover principles, methodology and usage of specific 3D AM systems, along with understanding of necessary post-processing of AM products, which are critical in identifying suitable 3D AM technology to manufacture customised and complex 3D parts. During this course, the participants’ awareness and interest in adopting 3D AM will be created. Furthermore, their competency skills in 3D AM will be enhanced, thus allowing them to acquire new skills, knowledge and technical expertise to stay relevant and competitive.

Why This Course

  • Designed to specially cater to Singapore industry demand
  • Delivered by technology and business experts in 3D additive manufacturing industry
  • Highly practical and intensive
  • Latest knowledge and up-to-date technologies via industrial case studies


Watch our webinar video for "Emerging Skills in Additive Manufacturing for Digital Transformation – Industry 4.0" held on 6 Aug 2020 for more information about this Graduate Diploma course.

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List of Modules

Smart Additive Manufacturing System (45 hours)
Powder-Bed Additive Manufacturing Processes for Complex Functional Metallic Components (45 hours)
High Speed Additive Manufacturing Processes for Metallic Components (42 hours)
Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing Processes for Flexible Mass Customisation (45 hours)
Plan and Manage Project for Implementation (30 hours)

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Skills Course Reference Number Training Period  Registration Period
Smart Additive Manufacturing System (45 hours) TGS-2018503489 EVE 22 Oct 2020 - 10 Dec 2020
Powder-bed Additive Manufacturing Processes for Complex Functional Metallic Components (45 hours) TGS-2019502770 EVE 5 Jan 2021 - 2 Mar 2021 OPEN
High Speed Laser Welding and Additive Manufacturing for Metallic Components (42 hours) TGS-2019502886
EVE 16 Mar 2021 - 29 Apr 2021 OPEN
Polymer-based Additive Manufacturing Processes for Flexible Mass Customisation (45 hours) TGS-2019503500
EVE 4 May 2021 - 21 Jul 2020 OPEN
Plan and Manage Project for Implementation (30 hours) TGS-2018502857
EVE 1 Jul 2020 - 3 Aug 2020


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