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Evaluate Advanced Metal Welding Processes (45 hours)

Evaluate Advanced Metal Welding Processes

This module is specially designed to train participants in several aspects of welding technologies and build up the competencies required to implement the technologies in various industrial applications. These include welding processes such as fusion stir welding, solid state welding, solid-liquid state welding and welding metallurgy. This course also benefits engineers who wish to refresh their fundamentals and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in welding technology. The knowledge gained during this course benefits both the participants who stand to upgrade their individual expertise and their companies with the opportunity to improve their competitiveness. This module will introduce welding processes such as arc welding, laser welding, electron beam welding, friction stir welding, brazing, resistance welding and ultrasonic welding. The process principle, procedure, equipment, and quality control will be dealt with for the specific techniques. Project based case studies will be offered to give participants a more in-depth understanding on the techniques and how to implement them in real industrial applications.

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Evaluate Advanced Metal Welding Processes (45 hours) TGS-2018502726
EVE 24 Aug 2021 - 12 Oct 2021
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EVE 14 Oct 2021 - 7 Dec 2021
High Speed Laser Welding and Additive Manufacturing (45 hours)
EVE 4 Jan 2022 - 3 Mar 2022
Welding Operation & Quality Control (45 hours) TGS-2018502755
EVE 8 Mar 2022 - 26 Apr 2022
Plan and Manage Project for Implementation (30 hours)
EVE 12 Jul 2021 - 18 Aug 2021

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